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Stop pain campaign - call for inclusion in the UNAIDS HIV strategy

Advocates are calling for the increased inclusion of palliative care within the draft UNAIDS HIV strategy being discussed at the PCB this week.

Palliative care is applicable from the point of diagnosis until the end of life, and supports the bereavement needs of family members and caregivers. It is estimated that approximately 100 million people could benefit from palliative care. Unfortunately it is rarely available with over half the countries in the world having no palliative care services. In India less than 1% of people can access the quality care that they need.

Pain treatment and symptom control are fundamental elements of palliative care throughout the course of  illness. However, one million end-stage HIV and AIDS patients live in countries with low or no access to controlled medications and have no or insufficient access to treatment for moderate to severe pain. Oral morphine is available in just seven of Kenya's 250 public hospitals

Follow the Right2Care4Pain campaign on twitter. Stop this unnecessary suffering.